E4’s Esting Competition

30 Jun

So…. E4’s Esting competition is back and the deadline, well that’s tomorrow and I have just finished the 10 Second short.

I based my idea on the Atari game Pong from the 70’s. My version is called Frustration because no matter how hard each player is trying to win someone is bound to get Frustrated because they can not score. So the player takes matter’s into their own hands and drives the E4 symbol into the goal – Then throws it back on the court and it smashes and goes through the TV screen.



Characterization of Little Lion Boy

21 Jun

Giving a character a personality is important, not only the way it looks but the relationship the character has with a viewer. When coming up with an idea for a character I feel I have to be influenced by something or someone.

 As Mumford & Sons are a favourite of mine, I looked at them more closely and the lyrics in their songs. One song in particular which stood out for me was Little Lion Man (2009), the words in the song are so powerful.

 I took the title of the song and created a character who is a young boy who loves his lion costume and wants to become a lion.

Below is Little Lion Boy posing in all positions :

Entering Competitions

16 Jun

There are many competitions out there in the art world and you have to find the right ones that suit you and your style.

For the animation industry they don’t come up very often but when they do you really have to take advantage of them. E4 have a competition called Esting which is for a 10 second ‘brand sting’. It has to be short, snappy and humour related. This is a competition I am currently working on and will blog more about later this month.

The first Competition I entered was advertised on Imagine Magazine. I was given a clip done by Faithless especially for this competition for the launch of the bands new Album and for Dolby to show off the new surround sound system.

I chose to animate on per specs as I felt the technique was fluid enough to go along with the genre of music which is lively and has a certain bounce to it. The clip (Sun To Me), I felt that the film should be set in space using two primary colours of red and yellow which were vibrant enough to interact with each other.

The final outcome of the film was pleasing; obviously as an artist you can never be fully satisfied with the outcome because naturally I am self critical. However as a fluid piece of image making and animation it shows how new ‘modern’ techniques can be mixed with the traditional skills of animation.

Below is my entry for the Faithless/Dolby competition Sun To Me (2010)

The Studio

15 Jun

The studio in which I work is located in a little place called Barton Hill just out side Bristol on the bath road. I came to this particular one because it had such a nice energy to the place. The studio has a number of creative types from an Animator (myself) to an Editor, Photographer, Designer and Artists so it’s nice to have that creative mix. To work in an environment that makes you want to create work is wonderful because you can constantly generate idea after idea and turn them into something great.

It’s been nearly a year since I got my studio and to be honest I have no idea what I would do without it. The important thing for me was to be creative and meet like minded creative people. My processes and the way I conduct my work has certainly changed in that time and now I find studio time to be constructed in a way that I have a number of projects going on (it also helps to drink a lot of tea!). To work in an environment that makes you want to create work is wonderful because you can constantly generate idea after idea and turn them into something great.

Below are images taking from my Studio Space –

A good insight!

14 Jun

I want to treat this blog as a reflective journal into my creativity of my own work and the work of others – studios and individuals. More importantly people, images and everyday things that inspire me to get up in the morning and do what I love to do – to be creative. 

My aim is to show my work as a progression through my concepts almost like a sketchbook of ideas and workings, showing images and animations.

Enjoy looking and reading through this blog into my creative Journey into the animation world, with some art thrown in for good measure.